24 March 2013

i bake your pardon...

What happens when you combine cupcakes and illustration?

I bake your pardon is an amazing blog about homemade cupcakes, birthday cakes (and others sweet dreams), and in case you see something you just cannot resist, Danae will bake it for you!!!
You can also read some interesting articles and interviews (mine included ^__^, thank you Danae).
So, what happens when you combine cupcakes and illustration???
Well, here's the result!

We also made it on society6's front page! ^__^
You can purchase here

22 March 2013

Hocus Pocus

Here is an new collaboration! 
You can now find some of my artwork for iphone cases
just by visiting HocusPocus!

15 March 2013

Annie Hall

A writer reminded me of this movie (we had to do a research for her book's characters)! I think Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" is one of the most iconic and stylish films of all time! There is no fashionista that would not love to have her (boyish) wardrobe! And the thing about me is that I love to illustrate what I love to look at! So I made this :)

9 March 2013

Books make you bright...

They really do!!!

Books also make you better! I think we all agree to that! You can discover the benefits of reading in this awesome post by Glen Stansberry (on www.lifedev.net). And of course here is a new illustration (books make you bright) available from my society6 shop!